Abortion overturn. Now what?

God is great, all the time.  The Supreme court just overturned Roe v Wade.  But the fight is still on!  As I look back on the statics of abortions across America, I am reminded that black women make up 36% of all abortions in the USA. In comparison, the Black population makes up just 13% of the American population. Yet, in watching the talking heads the most pushed narrative was that this ruling would reduce the availability of “women’s reproductive healthcare, especially among minority women.”

With that said, how is abortion reproductive?

For those who know their history, “Planned Parenthood” is the MAJOR provider of Women’s Reproductive Healthcare. “American Birth Control League is now known as Planned Parenthood” founder Margaret Sanger openly and proudly declared her legacy, and thus the mission of Planned Parenthood was and is to “eradicate the weeds,” which was her way of referencing Blacks/Negros.

Rarely is it discussed in the “reproductive healthcare” conversation that deaths due to abortions far exceed those via cancer, violent crimes, heart disease, AIDS, etc.  Racism and lack of access to health care is usually the diversion of discussing this slaughter. There was a time when Jessie Jackson referred to abortions as “murder” His divergence from the importance of unborn black lives to pro-choice reminds me of the push of Margaret Sanger and her recruitment of black ministers to support killing “the negro”. Let us fast forward to today.  Discussing abortion in the black community is cause for prolife voices to be canceled, especially Black Female Prolife Christians, such as myself. 

Over the last five years or more, the stark hypocrisy of “Black Lives Matter” regarding their incessant demand that Christian Conservative Americans place black lives, normally those who have had altercations with law enforcement or broke the law, on a pedestal. Yet BLM says not a word as over 60 million black babies have been slaughtered since the inception of Roe v. Wade. 

As Christian, moral, prolife Americans, we should not cower from the demonic, satanically possessed politicians leading poor, usually black teen girls into a child butcher shop. Where the slaughter of babies leads to their children’s organs being harvested and sold, ground-up fetal tissue infused into vaccinations and beauty creams to enhance and extend the lives of the very Evil crowd who deceives poor urban black, brown, and all races to sacrifice their firstborn to the altar of secular progressivism. 

Now Wisconsin can once again lead! How?  By truly standing up and championing Personhood for the unborn.  I have been Pro-life my entire life; it is the calling of my Lord and Savior to protect the innocent, no matter which culture they belong to. I will continue this fight till I draw my last breath, and I assure you I will not cower because evil politicians, media sources, and false prophets among us agree to deceive and destroy poor youth into murdering their firstborn. But we can no longer stand silent and let evil prevail; the conception of ones birth, does not dictate ones worth. 

My Name is Cindy Werner, sibling of twelve of a single Mom, raised in the projects, Mom of seven, Grandma of four, Army military veteran, State Ambassador of the Frederick Douglas Foundation-WI, and Christian, Constitutional conservative candidate for Lieutenant Governor of the great State of Wisconsin.   I hope you will stand with me in this continued fight against evil, for the protection of the unborn is truly at our door. Cindy Werner – [email protected]   414-875-0536