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My Name is Cindy Werner, sibling of twelve raised by a single Mom in the projects. I am a Mom of seven, a Grandma of four, an Army military veteran, a State Ambassador of the Frederick Douglas Foundation-WI, and a 2022 candidate for Lieutenant Governor of the great State of Wisconsin. My family is from rural America. As children, my siblings and I worked in the field helping with the harvest. Upon the death of my father, our family moved north and lived in the projects. Graduating from high school, I joined the Army; later in life, I worked in the private sector for healthcare and compliance. All of my choices in life have always been about service and commitment to God, family, and community.



Working with communities and law enforcement is the cornerstone of a more robust economy for Wisconsin.


Growing up, my family personally fought for voting rights.   During the Civil Rights era there were family members that worked to make voting rights available to all.   The handling of voting in the 2020 election was a slap in the face to everyone who dedicated their lives to defending the right of all to cast a ballot.

No citizen’s vote should be suppressed.  Another reason why I have been personally involved with fighting for election integrity.  Presently, I am apart of a lawsuit against the cities of Milwaukee, Madison, Racine, Kenosha, and Green Bay—cities that directly violated both federal and state election laws by accepting monies from a private entity—I am the only candidate who has stood up against election fraud. by filing a lawsuit and bringing awareness to the fraud.   I will remain committed to ensuring our elections are fair and free.  Once elected I will continue to focus on getting rid of same-day registration and voting.

2 thoughts on “About Cindy Werner”

  1. I got to meet you at the Republican Picnic, you have the strength, courage and faith that I admire in leadership, you’re going to be a great Lt.Governor, it’s about our faith and love for Wisconsin.
    Merry Christmas
    Donavon Noggle

    1. Donavon
      Amen and Amen, sorry for the delay had a fender bender, then went to visit my family out of state for Christmas. Thank you so very much hope you had a great Christmas and a blessed New Year. What county are you in? Would you be able to put in a yard sign or know anyone in your county that has a large yard for a 4×8? Take care and as always stay blessed.


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