I have been around politics for the better part of twenty years.  In that time, I have come across many people involved in conservative politics as I attended and spoke at numerous events.  However, I noticed someone who was always at these events.  This person was always helping, doing the grunt work that many people do not want to do, and did it not looking for anything in return but to help the movement succeed.  I soon learned who this person was, and after that, I continued to notice that she always showed up to help.

This person is Cynthia Werner, and now she is a candidate for the position of Lieutenant Governor for the state of Wisconsin in the August primary.  I usually do not publicly get behind a candidate in a primary, wanting instead to leave it to the voters.  However, I am making an exception in this case as a thank you to Cynthia for all her hard work for the Republican Party of Wisconsin and the conservative movement and what she would bring to the ticket in November.  Her life story is impressive.  She is accomplished.

Cynthia will be an addition to whoever wins the Governor’s Republican primary in August.  She will not just be a cheerleader.  She will be a voice for grass root individuals.  She has stayed connected at ground level.  When she meets with the Governor and big donors, and other influential special interest groups, she will make sure that the ground-level voters and the grassroots interests are represented.  She won’t be afraid to speak up for YOU.

Cynthia Werner is getting my vote because she has earned it.  I hope you do the same after you consider your options.

David A. Clarke Jr.

Sheriff (Ret) of Milwaukee County

President, America’s Sheriff LLC