Grab Your Clipboards! Time to Circulate Nomination Papers for CINDY WERNER FOR LT. GOVERNOR

April 15 – May 15 Cindy Werner for Lt. Governor 8809 W Tripoli Ave Milwaukee, WI 53228

Dear Patriots,

Nomination papers can be circulated starting this Friday April 15th as that is an opening day to circulate Nomination Papers to run for partisan office.  

It’s Time to Mobilize, Folks!  Effective Community Organizing is the Superpower of all of us Grassroots Activists.  

Attached for you to print is the Nomination Packet for grassroots patriot candidate, Cindy Werner, running for Lt. Governor.    

Cindy is 100% Pro-Life, Constitutional Carry, and the ONLY candidate for Lt. Governor, part of a lawsuit against the five cities that took money from Mark Zuckerberg in the 2020 election. She serves on an Ad-Hoc Committee for election integrity.  While others are talking, Cindy makes moves to help secure our elections! 

Ideas for How to Gather Signatures:

1)  Organize a Signature Party or Open House wherein people can stop and sign papers at your home.

2)  Take your papers with you to Church and to work.

3)  Circulate at Civic Club meetings – Scouts, Rotary, 4-H, Homeschool mtgs, sports events, etc.

4)  Door to Door stop at homes that display Patriot signs/flags, etc.

5)  Skim through your Cell Phone Directory, Email Lists, Rolodex, Christmas card list, etc., looking for friends and family who will sign the papers.

Also, you can forward the 

Attachment below to your E-network and 

get those folks mobilized because 


Basic Rules for Nomination Papers:

1)  Lt. Governor’s Race – 2,000 – 4,000 Signatures team target is 3000 by 5/15/22

2)  Do NOT begin collecting signatures before April 15.

3)  DO NOT Leave Signature Papers unattended.  The circulator must maintain the chain of custody of Nomination papers.

4)  DO NOT sign or date the bottom CIRCULATOR’s (You) information until the last signer has completed the page.  You cannot sign earlier than the last signature that you have collected.

5)  Make sure people correctly fill out the form. Incomplete addresses will be THROWN OUT BY THE WISCONSIN ELECTION COMMISSION.

6)  Do Not Number the pages.

7)  Completed sheets with ten valid signatures are preferred, but partial sheets with 1-2 names are welcomed and appreciated.  If you can get more that is appreciated as well as make copies.

8)  May 15 – Deadline to mail in completed signature pages so Cindy’s campaign can process them.

Please mail completed forms by May 15th

Thank you so very much for your support and efforts.  As always stay blessed!