Reflecting on 2021 and focusing on 2022

Seven Reasons Conservatives Need to Continue the Fight- By Cindy Werner

As we wrap up the year, I have been looking ahead and thinking about what our team focus will be for 2022. Of the many reasons I see for keeping up the fight, these are the most important for us to keep in mind.

1.       Pro-life cases on the Supreme Court docket.

Earlier this year, the court allowed Texas’s heartbeat bill to stand, which bans abortions after a baby’s heartbeat, usually around six weeks, can be detected. The court also heard oral arguments for Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization on December 1st. The Dobbs case centers on a Mississippi bill prohibiting abortions after the 15-week pregnancy mark, putting Roe v. Wade’s ban on pre-viability abortion restrictions into question and making it possible that The Supreme court may finally overturn the precedent. Of course, the outcome isn’t inevitable, but recent comments made by the justices provide a reason to be hopeful. As Justice Kavanaugh pointed out, overruling a wrong decision previously held by the court is possible, like Brown vs. Board of education’s outlawing racially segregated schools.

While there is the reason for hope, we’ve also had some setbacks. The FDA just lifted restrictions on abortion pills to allow women to access them through the mail without needing to pick up a prescription in person. We need to keep fighting and praying for the protection of these precious unborn lives created in the image of God. Now is the time for conservatives and Christians to step up and defend life.

2.       Red waves continue across the country.

As red waves continue across the country, we must have more qualified candidates stepping up. Voters want strong conservatives who aren’t afraid to challenge radical policies and restrictive mandates. I am that candidate for Wisconsin and have been encouraged by others doing the same in other states, like the recently elected Winsome Sears in Virginia. Conservative gains have also inspired me among Hispanic and African American voters. So, again, this is excellent news, but we need to keep the momentum going!

3.       The horror of human trafficking.

When it comes to human trafficking, every state is a border state. Wisconsin needs to secure its borders and prevent traffickers from entering and leaving without detection. It is so hard to track trafficking because victims are taken from place to place, making it difficult to pin down an exact number. Fight to End Exploitation notes that the geographic location of our state makes it an ideal route for traffickers passing through the Midwest and estimates there have been a total of 596 cases in Wisconsin since 2007, though they are underreported.  Communities can do a lot locally to combat this tragedy, including understanding how to identify victims and providing support to vulnerable people in the community.  Even in the small city of Viroqua, WI, human trafficking is being reported.

4.       Keeping our elections secure.

If we can’t be sure our votes are correctly counted, we can’t say we have free elections. Election security is a matter everyone should care about, regardless of political affiliation. That’s why I am part of a lawsuit against Milwaukee, Madison, Racine, Kenosha, and Green Bay. These cities violated election laws by accepting money from a private entity.

We need to exercise our right to vote and support candidates like myself who will defend that right. I am working hard to ensure our state’s system remains secure as a private citizen and will be able to do even more when I am elected, focusing on eliminating same-day voter registration.

5.       Supporting small farmers.

I’m passionate about providing farm-to-table solutions that enable local farmers to become more competitive. Conservatives need to work towards this if we want to mitigate supply chain issues and support local, hardworking Americans.

We can do this by forming co-ops, something I have done with my family and neighbors. Co-ops allow you to purchase your meat directly from a local farm, eliminating distribution issues. Unfortunately, local solutions are too often overlooked. I’d love to see Wisconsin focus more on co-ops during the New Year.

6.       Parents are pushing back on CRT.

I’m so grateful to see opposition to critical race theory gaining momentum. For a time, many believed it was just a way to celebrate diversity and promote equality, as proponents claim. These divisive curriculum parents will not tolerate. Finally, parents have started to look at the curriculum and its impact on their kids. They’ve seen how their children are taught to view skin color as central to identity, and they don’t like it. From speaking out to showing up at school board meetings and voting Republican, these parents are removing divisive racial content from schools. Candidates that supported CRT lost and were a significant factor in the victories of Glenn Younkin and Winsome Sears in Virginia. Our students have also been exposed to harmful content of CRT and watered-down standards in Wisconsin. They deserve better. I look forward to seeing more parents step up and get involved.

7.       God is in control, even in devastating times.

The church brought to hurting neighbors gift cards, water, food, coffee, and care. Pastor Fowler told the Associated Press (AP) that he didn’t know why God let the tornado hit the town he grew up in, but he does know He can be glorified “amid the suffering.”

“It’s easy to serve the Lord when things are good,” Fowler told AP. “It’s more challenging to serve Him when times are bad, and I think that’s really when people are looking to see if our faith is genuine if our faith is true.”

As Christians, we need to continue to press on and trust in God, even in difficult circumstances like those we face.  No matter what is happening, we should be an example in how we lead, serve, and fight for what is right.

Now more than ever, it is imperative for all Americans to keep pressing on. We can’t give up when things look hard or get lazy or frustrated when they are not going our way. Remember, without struggles; there is no progress. America was built on people who struggled and became stronger for it. The same will be true of us if we never give up.

I am Cindy Werner, a Mom, Grandma, a Christian, Constitutional Conservative running for Lt. Governor.  Join our team and continue fighting for our freedoms