What the month of June means to me

Fellow Wisconsinites,

As a candidate for Lt. Governor and a Christian who believes that our Lord and Savior gave us Commandments and guidance on how to lead a Godly life, I want to express that contrary to popular culture’s favorite designation of what June represents; I want to say what June means to me as a Black Woman in Wisconsin.

First, I could leave out my Race and say a woman in Wisconsin, but there are two things I think of when I think of June. One of them is the excellent sustenance that our agricultural community provides by way of Dairy Products.

I always say I came to Wisconsin for two reasons: One was for a job helping my fellow military veterans who were homeless to find housing, and the second was for a Dairy Farmer. My dairy farmer no longer farms. However, he has a brother and nephews who continue in the multiple generational businesses of Dairy farming. I have seen what they do to produce milk and other products, and I am amazed and stunned at the hard work every LONG day. But what is more impressive is their LOVE of this lifestyle. They don’t simply own a lot of animals producing a commodity we all love; their animals are named. They have extensive veterinary records and are fed the highest level of nutrition possible. These farmers love what they do and love their cattle like they are a part of their family. I am humbled by their dedication, persistence, and perseverance, mainly when producing their product. Their expense ratios have doubled and tripled. Yet they fight on, knowing that they likely will not see a profit from their extraordinary and strenuous efforts.

Should God grant me the blessing to be this GREAT States Lt. Governor, I will, from my position, work closely with our Wisconsin DAIRY and other sectors in the Agricultural community to increase small farm cooperatives, help small farmers get better and more affordable health care, grow local, national and international markets for their products and work to build a more direct, from the farm to consumer distribution channel to decrease the expense of getting their product to the market. So, this June, I pay tribute to my America’s Dairyland Farm Families here in Wisconsin, and if you indulge me, one last thought I have when I think of June.

Second, some of you may have or may not have heard of Juneteenth, this is when slaves learned of their freedom in Texas.

This is also a day I reflect upon because of my ancestors’ feeling of great Joy in gaining their freedom. I am joyful because my ancestors did not give in to the notion that they were oppressed back then. On the contrary, they were more independent-minded and looking for their fair shot, nothing less and nothing more, like our amazing farmers in today’s agricultural market.

So, June is Dairy Month and Juneteenth to me. Praise God, bless my ancestors, and the Wisconsin/ American Dairy Farmer for June (as every month). I am thankful for all my many blessings. Y all stay blessed. Respectfully,

Cindy Werner, Candidate -Lt. Governor – Wisconsin