Where I Stand


Growing up, my family personally fought for voting rights.   During the Civil Rights era there were family members that worked to make voting rights available to all.   The handling of voting in the 2020 election was a slap in the face to everyone who dedicated their lives to defending the right of all to cast a ballot.

No citizen’s vote should be suppressed.  Another reason why I have been personally involved with fighting for election integrity.  Presently, I am apart of a lawsuit against the cities of Milwaukee, Madison, Racine, Kenosha, and Green Bay—cities that directly violated both federal and state election laws by accepting monies from a private entity—I am the only candidate who has stood up against election fraud. by filing a lawsuit and bringing awareness to the fraud.   I will remain committed to ensuring our elections are fair and free.  Once elected I will continue to focus on getting rid of same-day registration and voting.


When I was pregnant with my son, we found out he would be born with a disability. I was told to terminate my pregnancy.

My case isn’t unique. Women are intimidated by the abortion industry every day and fed lies that they aren’t prepared to be a parent, that a kid will make their dreams impossible, or that their child’s life will be too difficult. My son, whose life I was encouraged to end, grew into a wonderful man. He is productive, happy, have a job, and lives in a group home. I love my son. It hurts to know thousands of women like me have been led to believe abortion is the answer.

For every 100 births in Wisconsin, 10 babies die from abortion. Nationwide, abortion is the leading cause of death. Every life is a God-given gift that deserves protection. We have a duty to protect these innocent lives, and I promise I will not back down in the fight to defend them.


My family is from rural America. As children, my siblings and I worked in the fields helping with the harvest. After my service in the Army, I worked in the private sector for healthcare and compliance.  I tell people that, I moved to Wisconsin for two reasons: not necessarily “beer and cheese” as people usually guess, but for a job and a dairy farmer.
One of my biggest concerns from the last two years has been our food supply chain. This impacts all communities, in Wisconsin and beyond. The solution is going local.  As supply issues caused by distribution obstacles and a lack of labor loom on the horizon, I have worked with co-ops to provide both types of meat and produce for my family and have helped expand these co-ops to neighbors. I now buy meat directly from the farm, hiring the local butcher who processes my deer to do the same for our beef and pork. As Wisconsin’s Lt. Governor, I will use my previous experience working with our agriculture department and local farmers to continue this co-op expansion statewide, creating partnerships between local farmers, processors, and distributors to provide more comprehensive farm-to-table solutions. Working with both rural and urban areas to help with direct co-ops can help all.


From mask mandates to forced vaccines, the past year has brought more attacks on our freedom than ever. I support your right to think for yourself and decide what is best for you and your family. Your health is between you and your doctor. It is not the government’s place to make personal decisions for you, your kids, or anyone.


I’ve attended many school board meetings, spoken to parents, and seen what is happening in Wisconsin’s schools. Our students deserve better. I stand against Critical Race Theory in the classroom, watered-down standards designed to “level the playing field,” and denying parents a say in their child’s education. 


As the only candidate who has stood up and spoken out when Governor Evers shut down Wisconsin, I am for policies that protect your freedom. Unfortunately, the most harmful policies have focused solely on reducing the spread of COVID, without considering effectiveness or accounting for consequences in other areas. Every government decision should be evaluated considering the possible effects on all aspects of life—emotional, spiritual, physical, economic, and mental.